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Rosy Birthday Cookies

August 21, 2015

My mother’s best friend had a big 65th birthday party last month and asked for cookies as favors for her guests. She came over to comb through my cookie cutter collection and settled on the sakura and marquee style shapes. We decided on a color palette of pale pink, white, and black. She also wanted a cookie for the kids. In all honesty making the different icing colors is my least favorite part about the process, so I suggested doing a rabbit so I could use the pink and white icing. Lazy or efficient?

This is where I get really excited! I was curious about trying royal icing pre-made decorations. Icing curious? That’s a thing. Sweet Sugarbelle has an amazingly simple and detailed tutorial on making easy swirl roses. (Tutorial HERE) I had to go buy a star and leaf tip. I  have only used straight lining tips in all my cookies making years. At first I made the icing too runny and it wouldn’t hold the star tip details, but I just thickened it up with some more powdered sugar. Then I was afraid the leaves were too delicate, but I was pleasantly surprised by how robust these roses were!

royal icing rosesI ended up making a ton and still have a bunch stored away in an airtight Tupperware in my pantry.

My original idea was to do pink stripes in the white icing, but I lack the skills to make that look great, so hey improvisation! I used the classic dragging the toothpick through wet icing technique to create background interest. I’m still working on my icing penmanship. Adding the previously made roses was a piece of cake after the bottom layer of icing dried and the 3D effect really made these cookies feel special.

Rose cookies

The piping icing for my words was a little too thick and made it harder to write smoothly. I’m still learning how to gauge icing flow. Can you tell I get bored with doing the same design? I need to switch it up frequently.


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