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I actually tried it! Avocado Ranch Dressing

September 5, 2015
by chickensushi13

It’s stupid, but I am always ridiculously proud when I try something on the Internet in real life! What I’m not just browsing, but doing? I’m doing!

I am an avocado freak and yes I do worry about adding to the Oro Verde (Green Gold) gang wars in Mexico. Although clearly not enough to stop buying avocados by the bag. At least I try to get California ones….(liberal guilt intensifies)

Anyways…there are quite a few avocado ranch dips/dressings out there, but I liked this recipe from Cooking Classy because it had Greek yogurt instead of sour cream and fresh herbs instead of a ranch dip packet. I didn’t add the milk because I wanted a thicker dip like consistency. Mmmm this was really delicious! I was making it for Southwestern egg rolls, but I would put this on everything.

It is easy to make (~10minutes) and clean up is mostly just my food processor.

Avocado Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing

Avocado Greek Yogurt Ranch Dressing | Cooking Classy

Image from Cooking Classy. Go check out this recipe!

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