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The return of tiramisu

February 20, 2010

R’s favorite dessert of all time is tiramisu, so it was the obvious choice to make for Valentine’s day. I had tried once before and it was decent, but there was something too chewy with the lady fingers and it lacked proper coffee flavor.

Here is the recipe I used on All Recipes. As always the comments are invaluable.

Tiramisu ingredients I played it super safe this time and bought 2 types of lady fingers, Vicenzovo and Savoiradi. I don’t have an espresso machine, so I brewed a really strong cup of coffee and used kahlua as my alcohol to up the flavor.

I alternated layers of the two types of lady fingers, but honestly they ended up tasting exactly the same. yum whipped cream and custard!

TA-DA! A night in the fridge to let the flavors mix, a dusting of cocoa and the cast of Futurama to round it out. Bender loves tiramisu (probably cause it contains booze)!

Things I learned this time:

1. The stronger the coffee and alcohol the better. The lady fingers will soak it up quickly and the custard and whipped cream are mild and need it. Just my opinion.

2. Don’t substitute cheap lady finger type cookies. The two Italian ones weren’t that expensive ($3.50-$4 each) and so much better than my first time.

The best part was that R loved it!

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