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Falling under the washi tape spell

May 28, 2010

I’ve been seeing Japanese washi rice paper tape all over the place for months, but thought it was silly to pay $5 for a roll of tape. Then I finally succumbed to Tinted Mint’s booth at the Maker Faire and picked up 3 rolls. Today my boyfriend had to talk me out of buying another $45 worth of tape… Oh what a slippery slope!

The beauty of this tape is that it is easy to remove without any left over substance, great to write on, and it really does dress up any package. I started by making a few easy gift tags.

Then I was packaging cookies for a friend and instead of using the twist ties to seal the bags I used tape. Not only is it pretty, but it keeps the cookies flat and less liable to move around. The bags were $1.50 from Daiso and I cut them to a smaller size to accommodate the cookies.

I’m already picturing a dowel rod full of gorgeous washi tapes in my craft room. Here are some sellers that have a great selection.

Tinted Mint

Happy Tape

Pretty Tape on Etsy

Urge to buy rising! Time to shut down the laptop!

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