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Toy Story 3 Alien Cookies

June 18, 2010

Today Toy Story 3 opens and I am so excited! I already have my tickets for tonight. I still love the original movie and it’s follow-up better than almost all other excellent Pixar movies. The movie’s themes of growing older, friendship, and the importance of childhood are universal. Plus Pixar always promised that they wouldn’t do a sequel without having the story to back it up and I’ll believe anything they say!

Okay I can gush about Pixar for some days (my tour of the studio still remains one of the coolest things I’ve done in years). I decided to try the gel painting technique that Kudos Kookies uses and teaches. Check out her youtube videos!

My main target was this cutie:

Gel painting is just like using water colors. Urp…not really in my skill house, but I gave it my best and it turned out to be very relaxing.

I spent some time trying to mix my yellow and green to get the right Alien shade. Flashbacks to grade school commenced.I let the different colors dry for a few minutes before I added another one. I didn’t have that many problems with color bleed. I did learn that too much water added to the gel color quickly made for problems.

Okay maybe this isn’t the biggest endorsement of my artistic skills. The royal icing layer I did the night before and it acted as the perfect canvas.

Oooooo! Aaaaaaa! (Drat! I just realized I should have written “The Claw!!” on one of them.)

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