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Sunrise on a new year

January 1, 2011

Life decisions may be prickly, but still turn out wonderfully

2010 was an exciting year for me! Mostly it had to with with R and I, from moving in together in February to the proposal in September. I quit my job at the end of January and spent most of the year doing various bum type things. I got to work for the US Census Bureau. Not to mention the four lovely months at the end of this year, which I got to spend observing and assisting a 6th grade class. I even got to go to Science Camp with them! Banana slugs are disturbingly interesting and I think they stole my camera.

2011 is starting out intensely as well. I’m trying to study for the CSET test to apply to a teaching credential program. The test is on January 8th and I’m not making much progress. My mom is moving to Austria for a year on Jan 15th and my dad will go to join her in March. Wedding plans are going well, but will become crazy around March and lots of friends are having babies and getting hitched this year too!

So amid all this hub-bub and excitement, between the moments of activity and passing out on the couch I find that instead of being more settled, I have more questions and paths to pursue than ever. It’s a stress built out of activity though and I can’t fault that!

I would love to list some traditional resolutions, but some of them are so dependent on how the beginning of the year goes. At least as always life will prove to be exciting!

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