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One disgruntled bird at a time

January 25, 2011

Yes. I am an Angry birds addict. I have played all levels until I’ve gotten 3 stars. My not so secret shame. However my friend Andy is an even bigger fan (he’s replayed the game over 3 times! All levels!) So for his birthday I decided to tackle his favorite bird in cookie form.

I started with a sketch I made on thick cardstock. I cut it out and used it to hand cut all the birds. Actually the cookie shape looked very submarine like.

Then I did the black outline and slowly filled in the colors like a paint by number. It was incredibly relaxing if you can believe it. They did dry with more lumps. Here at the Cheerful Novice today’s lesson is (drum roll) – USE A LOT OF ICING! The more icing I flood the smoother it ends up.

You can see I also did a few simple circle cookies using the same colors. I loved the way they backed up the star cookie! Obviously I still have a long way before I hit icing nirvana, but Andy enjoyed his angry bird and that’s what counts.

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