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Bakesale for Japan: Part 1

April 5, 2011

On April 2nd in several locations around the US people volunteered to bake their hearts out to raise money for relief for Japan! I was thrilled to participate in the San Jose version of the event. I’m going to break this up into a few posts starting with the sugar and brownie roll out cookies I made for the event.

Look! I’m actually getting organized before I start icing! Miracle of miracles.

I decided to go with fairly simple designs since I was making double batches. I don’t know how pro cookie decorators whip out such large batches of identical cookies!

The brownie cookies were representing the rising sun of Japan and I added little white hearts. I did both wet on wet and raised icing of the hearts. I like them both. The sakura were fairly fun, but next time I want an even paler pink.

R bought me the William Sonoma message cookie cutters for my birthday. I love how you can write anything, but the plastic letters need to be shaved a bit to allow easy in and out of the cookie cutter.

My friend Saori helped draw some adorable messages and figures with an edible pen!

Next: Teamwork day! The girls come over to bake until they drop (or we get hungry)

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