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When shiny dinosaurs roamed the Earth

May 4, 2011

I should start a section called copycat crafts! I’m not so highly creative as to come up with original tutorials of my own, but I love trying to recreate others! Okay I might be rationalizing here, but I think it’s also fun to see other people’s version of the same craft. I did this when I made a mosaic tray out of Starbucks cards (brilliant and wish it was my idea!)

With that whole disclaimer in mind here is my first second COPYCAT CRAFT POST!

Metallic Dino Necklace

Original tutorial: Papernstitch

She did hers in lovely gold and silver, but I’m not so classy. Bring on the shiny purple and metallic blue!

Metallic dinosaurs necklace


  1. Framing hooks (found in Micheals framing section)
  2. Craft Paints (about $1.99 each, I see a metallic paint addiction coming)
  3. Plastic dinos (bought at a party store last Cinco deĀ  Mayo for the pinata)
  4. Glossy Painter’s sealant aerosol can
  5. Black and silver colored chains (also from Micheals)
  6. I used a very sharp kitchen stick thingy to make the holes in the dinosaurs. I have no idea where I got it…

Overall this project cost very little and even recycled some leftover dinos! I wonder if I have other cute plastic animals lying around the house….

Metallic dino necklaces

I ended up painting a few more that just sit around the house looking elegant and menacing in their new coat of paint.

Dinos in their natural habitat

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