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Cross stitch pendants

January 16, 2012

Knitting and crochet have been a big fat FAIL for me. I can’t seem to get past the one scarf per year, but I can always come back and spend hours doing cross stitch. I learned in home ec club back in middle school. Oh yes, Home Ec club, photography club, debate club, and band in middle school. I was the classic epitome of nerd and it felt good.

Right, back to cross stitch. The Workroom sells these gorgeous birch laser cut pendants in several shapes. When I ordered they only had the oval, but now the other shapes are back in stock and on my to buy list. I decided to make some for Christmas presents.

Although they might be too large for my friends to wear as a necklace they can also hang it on the wall, make a belt buckle, a barrette pin, or…well I’m sure there are other things. I love the small size, it gave me a certain freedom and I felt that I could easily accomplish this task without a lot of stress.

I haven’t had a the energy to experiment with baking lately, but at least small fun crafts like this keep me from just becoming a total couch potato when I need a down night.

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