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Adding pizazz to vodka

May 5, 2010

In honor of Cinco De Mayo I bring you alcohol! Okay it’s not tequilla, and actually Cinco De Mayo is a voluntary holiday in Mexico, but we are quibbling here! We have diy flavored booze!

My friend E is actually the creator of these infused vodkas, but when he came over to filter them I took the pretty bottles outside right away for a photo shoot. On the left is pepper infused vodka and on the right is tomato. Infused vodkas have been gaining some internet popularity after all the Skittles infused ones started popping up. Both of these are perfect for making bloody marys of course.

As I understand it, depending on the item being added to the vodka the infusion process time may vary. He had the pepper and tomato sitting around for about a week. Then with a coffee filter and a funnel the vodka was strained into the final bottles. The pepper vodka was super strength. The dark color is an indication of the eye watering to come.

Now E is working on cucumber vodka. Personally I’m still a fan of vodka soaked gummy bears, but that’s a story for another day.

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