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Anti-France de Mayo

May 10, 2010

At the last second we decided to throw a Cinco De Mayo party this year. We grilled meat, peppers, and onions, and threw some cheese and guac on the table for tacos. Cinco De Mayo in America is primarily a good day to dance the Macarena and drink some Corona, but it celebrates the Mexican army’s surprise victory over French forces. It was clear we had our Mexican pride and down with the French forces!

*I am not anti-French at all, but we thought this would be a fun theme.

I printed out a bunch of small French flag graphics I found on the Internet and glued them around toothpicks to make Viva Mexico Margaritas. I have the feeling I’ll be making a lot of toothpick flags for every party from now on! They work well in cupcakes too.


Of course there was a pinata! We stuffed this with candy and plastic dinosaurs. The dinosaurs were a HUGE hit. Our party was mainly late 20-30 somethings and the guys still went gaga for the dinos. They were trying to trade with each other and talking about putting them up in their cubicles.

The next morning

While this party was thrown together in a day it was one of my favorites yet! Easy food prep, fun theme and dinosaurs flying like shrapnel from an exploding pinata! Happy 5th of May!

*Love ya France!

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