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Wild Strawberry Cookies

May 12, 2010

These are my HFFA (hot from far away) cookies. Lovely from far away, full of mistakes and sloppy up close. BUT they tasted great, and I think I learned a lot. This was my first attempt at real freestyle design, where I’m not following the cookie cutter shape. Also they tasted great. Did I already mention that?

Why were they so delicious?  I can thank the always fabulous Smitten Kitchen for that! I was getting tired of sugar cookies and decided to use her brownie roll out cookies as a base instead. Everyone I gave them to agreed they were rich and yummy.

I am definiltey using this recipe for ice cream sandwiches later this summer!

For both the red and the green icing I used a Wilton’s #2 tip, but for some reason the green came out much fatter and I couldn’t get a nice clean line. I used a small bowl of lightly tinted yellow icing with a toothpick to add the seeds on the strawberries.

My inspiration for these cookies came from the wild strawberry plant I grew from seeds. I do not have a green thumb (except when it is covered in green icing), so I’m really proud of how this little plant has grown. No flowers or strawberries yet, but I know it’s coming!

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