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Return of the Baker

March 19, 2013

First year teaching is a time suck. That’s an understatement. Teaching is a life suck, but I love it and I’m grateful to have found my passion. On the other hand I miss doing craft/hobby/baking type things. I made these cookies for a friend’s bridal shower in December. I tried to borrow elements from the wedding invitation and match colors as much as possible. I loved the feeling of being creative and getting into a zen mind frame; however my husband would tell you I go scary hyper focused when I decorate.


I loved her sweet graphics and color scheme.


Among the many reasons I could never sell my cookies is that I get bored doing the same design over and over again. It was fun trying to figure out multiple wedding dresses. Then I gave them a light glitter dusting.

Cookies for bridal shower

I’m always trying to improve my icing penmanship…it is still a work very much in progress!


Happy Halloween! (Wait, it’s almost February!)

January 26, 2012

I have been without a camera since August when our DLSR was stolen. Finally we just purchased a new digital camera (Canon Powershot S95, it’s pretty nifty!). I feel bad that my life has been so devoid of cookie decorating because of my school schedule. Here are some cookies I made for Halloween and just downloaded off my cell phone.

I took the design idea from a napkin, although you can see I couldn’t resist throwing down a little Batman.

The hexagon cookies cutters were bought so I can eventually make my own Settlers of Catan cookie game board. Hmm I have a few days off this week….

Cross stitch pendants

January 16, 2012

Knitting and crochet have been a big fat FAIL for me. I can’t seem to get past the one scarf per year, but I can always come back and spend hours doing cross stitch. I learned in home ec club back in middle school. Oh yes, Home Ec club, photography club, debate club, and band in middle school. I was the classic epitome of nerd and it felt good.

Right, back to cross stitch. The Workroom sells these gorgeous birch laser cut pendants in several shapes. When I ordered they only had the oval, but now the other shapes are back in stock and on my to buy list. I decided to make some for Christmas presents.

Although they might be too large for my friends to wear as a necklace they can also hang it on the wall, make a belt buckle, a barrette pin, or…well I’m sure there are other things. I love the small size, it gave me a certain freedom and I felt that I could easily accomplish this task without a lot of stress.

I haven’t had a the energy to experiment with baking lately, but at least small fun crafts like this keep me from just becoming a total couch potato when I need a down night.

Back from the busy!

January 6, 2012

Happy everything! This blog fell prey to my class schedule when my teaching credentialing program started. Between the wedding, buying our first house, and starting school again it was a crazy year. I’m sure somehow 2012 will prove to be just as hectic cause life is great in that way!

Last cookies for 2011. This gingerbread recipe was from Fancy Flours and is honestly one of the best gingerbread cookie recipes I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried quite a few over the years).

I would love to start updating again. Let’s see how long this lasts.


When shiny dinosaurs roamed the Earth

May 4, 2011

I should start a section called copycat crafts! I’m not so highly creative as to come up with original tutorials of my own, but I love trying to recreate others! Okay I might be rationalizing here, but I think it’s also fun to see other people’s version of the same craft. I did this when I made a mosaic tray out of Starbucks cards (brilliant and wish it was my idea!)

With that whole disclaimer in mind here is my first second COPYCAT CRAFT POST!

Metallic Dino Necklace

Original tutorial: Papernstitch

She did hers in lovely gold and silver, but I’m not so classy. Bring on the shiny purple and metallic blue!

Metallic dinosaurs necklace


  1. Framing hooks (found in Micheals framing section)
  2. Craft Paints (about $1.99 each, I see a metallic paint addiction coming)
  3. Plastic dinos (bought at a party store last Cinco deĀ  Mayo for the pinata)
  4. Glossy Painter’s sealant aerosol can
  5. Black and silver colored chains (also from Micheals)
  6. I used a very sharp kitchen stick thingy to make the holes in the dinosaurs. I have no idea where I got it…

Overall this project cost very little and even recycled some leftover dinos! I wonder if I have other cute plastic animals lying around the house….

Metallic dino necklaces

I ended up painting a few more that just sit around the house looking elegant and menacing in their new coat of paint.

Dinos in their natural habitat

Countdown clock is ticking!

April 21, 2011

I haven’t really posted any wedding stuff, but with only 38 days until the wedding I figured it would be nice to post a few pics for my own memories as well. I’ve really loved the whole process of planning thus far, but as we get closer the stress is creeping into my bones.

venue, shoes, hair clips

Where the ceremony will take place, my shoes, and the hair clips and boutonnieres for the wedding party.

I decided to go with flats, but I’m the girl who has sprained her ankle just walking…not once, not twice, but thrice y’all! On my 1st date with R I actually rolled my ankle badly and on our second date I had crutches. Maybe it’s actually a good omen. Please not on the wedding day though! Hello wedding spirits? No rolled ankles this one time okay?

Bakesale for Japan: Part 3

April 11, 2011

A little late, but here is the final part of the bakesale, the actual day of bakening! I mean reckoning. It was an overcast day, but as R and I pulled up a bit before 10 the place was already a crush of people clamoring for sugar.

There were so many baked goods that the organizer Paige had the overflow in her van to bring out later.

Cookie pops!

The thing that struck me the most is the community vibe. Most of the people walking past knew each other and everyone had a bright smile for their neighbors. Maybe I’m too California Silicon Valley jaded, but I’m not used to such a close community feeling. Go San Jose Japan town!

More yummyness

Everything was homemade, but people took a lot of time to do nice presentation and packaging.

The lady in blue is the organizer Paige helping to put my cookies out! She did a fantasticĀ  job!

…and now the amount of money made for Japan recovery and relief

…drum roll

…flute line

…a little trumpet


Wow! It’s an amazing result and I feel grateful that I could contribute by doing something that I love and for a cause that is so close to my heart.